LA Playbook

LA deserves a representative to CRP who does not dwell on the past, but presents ideas for the future. Adam Abrahms is running not just for a seat on the CRP Board, but to lead our Party and state back to prosperity.

To do so, we need a Plan – an Offensive PlayBook to success.

PLAY CALL:  Return to Reagan’s County

We must fight to make CRP recognize the importance of LA.  For too long the California Republican Party and others have written LA off or at best played defense.  The result has been eroding registration and diminishing seats, not just in LA but statewide.  We need a statewide commitment to restore Reagan’s home county.

We cannot be successful in California until we go on offense in LA.  As Regional Vice Chair, Abrahms will advocate and coordinate with CRP and Legislative Leaders to ensure we recruit, fund and target LA races.  No longer will LA merely be a donor county for dollars and activists.  It is time for the rest of California to come to the fight in LA, for it is here that we begin our resurgence.

PLAY CALL:  Grassroots Voices – CRP Ears

The Regional Vice Chair is LA activists’ representative to the CRP.  Abrahms is committed to being LA’s voice and has the relationships to get CRP to listen.

Commitment to attend meetings – In order to represent LA Republicans, you must meet with LA Republicans. As Vice Chair, Abrahms commits to attend a meeting of each grassroots organization annually, hear their concerns and work together to keep LA informed and on offense.

Express concerns to CRP – It is important that CRP understands the needs, views and activities of LA’s activists.  For years Abrahms has advanced the concerns of grassroots interests and developed working relationships with CRP leaders.  His experience ensures LA’s concerns will be heard, with Abrahms as its spokesperson.

Provide feedback – Coordination goes both ways.  Too often CRP has failed at communicating with its activists and grassroots groups.  We must all work together if we are to alter California’s course and that requires CRP not only to call when it needs assistance but also to communicate regularly about opportunities, challenges, plans and needs.  As Regional Vice Chair, Abrahms will make certain that activists are kept informed and aware of what’s happening statewide.

PLAY CALL:  LA Connect

In order for us to grow our Party, we must work together efficiently. Republicans in LA have been divided and conquered by both our physical geography and the diversity of our grassroots efforts.  It is time we turn both to our advantage.

Funding for Remote Video Connections to RPLAC meetings – With 10.5 million people spread across over 4800 square miles and no location central to all corners, LA Republicans have difficulty meeting regularly in one location.  As Regional Vice-Chair Abrahms will fight for funding to establish area remote video connections so our activists can go to a location close to them and connect remotely to County Central Committee and other important meetings.  With simultaneous meetings in convenient locations, our activists involvement in the Party will grow and our success along with it.

Comprehensive Database of LA Leaders – LA is blessed with some of the best activists, dynamic grassroots leaders and influential groups.  We suffer from a wealth of options, but no way to harness their true potential.  We must help groups connect with potential members and fellow group leaders.  Abrahms will fight to get groups access to CRP lists for recruitment and will create a comprehensive database designed to keep LA’s grassroots leaders connected with each other.

PLAY CALL:  Operations

With a county larger in population than 41 states, Republicans cannot expect to be successful without an organized and fulltime commitment to going on offense in LA.

Executive Director–  LA Republicans deserve to have a professional Executive Director.  With a fulltime ED we will be more effective in taking our message to the 9 million Angelenos who are not registered Republicans and activate and energize the 1 million registered Republicans we have now.  Abrahms will fight for funding of an ED for LA, or seek to raise it on his own.


LA has inspiring elected officials, energetic Party leaders, game-changing activist groups and compelling ideas, but you would never know it from our press coverage.    For our ideas to take hold voters must hear them. As Regional Vice Chair, Abrahms will use his expertise and connections in the media to coordinate a louder voice for LA Republicans.