LA Republican Candidates

“Adam has proven time and again that he is not afraid to stand-up for what he believes and, at this watershed moment, I can think of no better advocate to represent Los Angeles and the Republican Party than Adam Abrahms.

– Steve Poizner

“I have fought alongside Adam for nearly 20 years. Adam brings the energy, experience and proven leadership necessary to go on offense and win in LA.”

–Senator Tony Strickland

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As activists realize choosing more of the same means more of the same, Republicans throughout Los Angeles and California are uniting behind Adam Abrahms.

The Los Angeles Republican Party Endorses Adam

Adam is proud to have been endorsed by the Official Republican Party of Los Angeles County.

Elected Republicans Endorse Adam

Steve Poizner, Insurance Commission (ret)

Tony Strickland, State Senator

Paula Boland, State Assemblywoman (ret)

Steve Knight, State Assemblyman

Cameron Smyth, State Assemblyman

Don Wagner, State Assemblyman

Audra Strickland, State Assemblywoman (ret)

Brian Campbell, Councilman, Rancho Palos Verdes

Sherry Marquez, Councilwoman, Lancaster

Robert Kronovet, Commissioner, Santa Monica

Grassroots Groups Endorse Adam

California Congress of Republicans

Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)

Peninsula Harbor Republicans

Beach Cities Republican Club

California Republican Lawyers Association

CaliforniaYoung Republican Federation

San Fernando Valley Republican Club

LA’s Nominees Endorse Adam

Mark Reed, Congressional Nominee

Merlin Froyd, Congressional Nominee

Chuck Wilkerson, Congressional Nominee

Stephen Smith, Congressional Nominee

Mattie Fein, Congressional Nominee

Bruce Brown, Congressional Nominee

Larry Andre, Congressional Nominee

Dennis DeYoung, State Assembly Nominee

Terry Rathbun, State Assembly Nominee

Martha Flores-Gibson, State Assembly Nominee

Henry Bestwick, State Assembly Nominee

Kathleen Evans, State Senate Nominee

Richard Montaine, State Senate Nominee

John Stammreich, State Senate Nominee

Earl DeVries, State Senate Nominee

Republican Party Officers Endorse Adam

Michael Schroeder, CRP Chair (ret.)

Steve Baric, CRP Secretary

Ray Grangoff, CRP Associate Representative

Keith Carlson, CRP Treasurer

Jalene Forbis, CRP Secretary (ret.)

Jon Fleischman, CRP Regional Vice Chair

Lenard Lanzi, RPLAC Treasurer

Alex Burrola, RPLAC Secretary (ret.)

John Cozza, RPLAC 2nd Vice-Chair (ret.)

Beatrice Jet, 47th AD Chair

Gene Champagne, 55th AD Chair

Allen Wilson, RPLAC Regional Vice Chair

Maureen Johnson, RPLAC Regional Vice Chair (ret.)

Republican Leaders Activists Endorse Adam

Larry Jasmin, President, Peninsula Harbor Republican Club

Robert Pedersen, Chairman, Westside Republicans

Ken Mettler, CRA Immediate Past President

Matt Zandi, Cal YAF, Chair Emeritus

Michelle Cloyne, CYR Treasurer

Darrell Connerton, President, CCR

Donna Block, 1st VP Santa Monica Republican Women Fed

Ashley Ingram, Executive Director, YRFC

Diane Lenning, former Chair, Republican Educators Caucus

Frank Hilliker, CRA Senate Director

Adam Haverstock, Communications Director, YRFC

Ben Lopez, CRA Vice Chair

Tiffany Abrahms, National Committeewoman, YRFC

Brandon Powers, Former YAF Chair

Russell Champagne

Amy Lyons

Dave Koffer

Dave Najar

Kevin Korenthal

Helen Najar

Thomas Vidal

Judy Ann Duvall

Andrew Barnett

Eric Golub

Kurt English

John Brantuk

Nate Kraut

Bill Saracino

Misty Tienken

Steven Sion

James Spencer

Joe Reinkemeyer

Alec Weisman

Brad Torgan

Chris Kolski

Ryan Panzarello

Joseph Fern