CRA and CCR! Activists Continue to Unite Behind Abrahms

The momentum continues in the Abrahms for LA Regional Vice Chair campaign.  This weekend the California Republican Assembly and California Congress of Republicans met to evaluate and consider candidates for CRP offices.  Despite their historic differences, both groups voted overwhelmingly in favor of Abrahms for LA Regional Vice Chair.

California Republican Assembly (CRA): Saturday marked the first time in eight years Adam’s opponent (or her husband) did not receive the endorsement of CRA.  Instead, Abrahms’ energy, activism and plan, resulted in the board voting in favor of Abrahms, with Abrahms receiving  a resounding 61 percent of the vote.

In addition to earning the support of a vast majority of the board, Abrahms was also the recommended candidate of the CRA fact-finding committee, which met and interviewed both candidates.

California Congress of Republicans (CCR): Fresh from the victory at CRA, Abrahms was privileged to attend the CCR convention for General Session, Sunday.  After the Hollywood and Santa Clarita Chapters caucused, they enthusasically voted to endorse Abrahms, a decision which was then unanimously adopted by the full state board.

In the end, Abrahms was honored by the strong majority vote at CRA and the official endorsement of CCR.

“I am humbled by the support of these two important grassroots groups.  These activists are the heart and soul of our Party.  Their support will be vital to any effort to turn our party around and move our state towards prosperity,” said Abrahms.

This weekend’s success continues  the growing support for Abrahms, who also recently announced the endorsements of former Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, State Senator Tony Strickland, Assemblyman Steve Knight, Assemblyman Cameron Smythe, the Young Americans for Freedom, the Young Republican Federated of California, the San Fernando Republican Club and the Beach Cities Republicans, to name a few.