Alert: Los Angeles County Republican Party Endorses Adam Abrahms

In another display of the growing enthusiasm for his campaign, Adam Abrahms received the endorsement of the Republican Party of Los Angeles (RPLAC) Thursday night. Although his opponent had served as RPLAC Chair for six years, she was unable to counter the momentum of the Abrahms campaign.

After listening to both candidates during a forum at their regular meeting, LA Republican Central Committee voted overwhelmingly to endorse Adam Abrahms for CRP LA Regional Vice Chair. During the forum Abrahms presented a clear plan for the future and exhibited the experience and energy needed to turn LA around.

Asked about the endorsement, LA County Central Committee Regional Vice Chair Allen Wilson, said “The LA Delegation knows we must leave the past in the past. Now is the time for new leadership. We need a leader who is willing to engage with the volunteers and grassroots to fight for Los Angeles County, the choice is clear, Adam Abrahms for CRP Los Angeles Regional Vice Chair.”

The endorsement of the Republican Central Committee is further indication that LA is ready to go on offense, Republicans in Los Angeles are recognizing that more of the same, means more of the same and they are ready for new leadership. This is especially important as Los Angeles County is the only single county region in the CRP. The Central Committee’s endorsement is strong proof that the region’s grassroots stand with Abrahms.

Abrahms was honored by the endorsement noting, “The LA Central Committee is the heart and soul of our Party. These front line activists know the history we have had in LA and know that we need to move forward. I am humbled that they trust me to go on offense with them and commit that together we will make a difference.”

The RPLAC endorsement is the latest in a wave of support for the Abrahms campaign, including California Congress of Republicans, former California State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, State Assemblymen Cameron Smyth and Steve Knight, State Senator Tony Strickland and many, many more.


Adam addressing Western CPAC

Adam Abrahms is a nationally recognized management-side labor attorney and longtime Republican activist, running to be the Los Angeles Regional Vice-Chair to the California Republican Party.

Adam lives in Santa Monica with his wife Tiffany and daughter Alexis. To learn more about Adam, visit his website at: