Young Republicans Go On Offense in Los Angeles, United Towards Victory


This weekend under the leadership of Chairman Adam Abrahms, Young Republicans statewide converged on the 43rd Assembly District Saturday to help elect Sunder Ramani and secure California Republicans our first pick-up of 2010. Over 160 volunteers from various organizations were in attendance with over 80 precincts walked and thousands of voters contacted by phone. Scores of Young Republicans traveled across the state to aid Sunder in his efforts to take back the seat.

Adam Abrahms called for the statewide walk for Ramani because the Special Election scheduled for April 13th represents the first front in our efforts to take the Republican message on offense in California.  Abrahms called on all YRs to take our message of less government and individual freedom to the voters of the 43rd, who have not had Republican representation in almost 15 years.  Abrahms encouraged YRs from across the state to participate, saying:

“The Special Election of the 43rd Assembly will be the Republican beach head in Los Angeles and California. Losing this seat in 1996 started the liberal stranglehold on Sacramento and winning it on April 13th will start our renaissance as we take the first steps to restoring common sense and jobs to California.”

In addition to being the first statewide YRFC walk of 2010, it was also the first time in 17 years that all YRs were united in their grassroots efforts as YRFC was joined by CYR, Inc.  In anticipation of the coming merger, CYR Chair Jenniffer Rodriguez and other CYR members joined their YRFC colleagues for the first ever joint YRFC and CYR walk.  Together YR members from San Diego, Orange County, Long Beach, West Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Tri-Cities, Ventura, Sacramento, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, East Bay and other chapters, walked and called thousands of voters in Burbank and Glendale in route to a Republican victory on April 13th.

YRFC and CYR joined the efforts of Los Angeles County Republican Party Chair Jane Barnett who had rallied activists from all over the County to start the Los Angeles GOP revival.

Mr. Ramani and Chairman Jane Barnett expressed their gratitude for the grassroots effort. Support from Young Republicans has always been and will continue to be necessary in bringing Republicans to victory.

It is time to take this momentum and use it towards turning California into a red state in 2010 and the years to come. Keep up the hard work!

Yours in Continued Young Republican Unity,

Ashley Ingram
Executive Director