A Veterans Day Message

On this day we celebrate our freedom, our prosperity, and each and everyone one of our rights because although those rights may have been endowed by our Creator, they and the Constitution which embodies them, are secured by our veterans without whom we’d be at the mercy of the treacherous and tyrannical. Today we honor and thank all our Veterans.

Many Young Republicans across California have spent the last several months working (and in three races, continuing to work) to advance our cause. While the activism is noble and needed, it is only possible because of the men and women, home and abroad, who sacrifice so much more to protect the greatest political process and Nation known to man. One of these men is YRFC Activist of the Year, LA Regional Vice Chair and Active Duty Reservist Justin Smith who remains oversees risking life and limb so we can walk precincts, observe recounts and enjoy the American dream. On this Veterans’ Day the Young Republicans salute Justin and all Veterans.

This morning, like most Veterans’ Days, I spent just a few moments in the National Cemetery in Westwood, allowing the headstones remind me of the awesome sacrifice from which we all benefit and to say a little prayer. Please take a moment out of your day to say a prayer for all those in our armed services, their families and for all those who have gone on before them to ensure our freedom.

God Bless our Veterans and God Bless America,

Adam Abrahms
Chair, YRFC